Taylored Thoughts

The size of your business has grown. Start-ups and small companies can get away with less than 10 pages on a basic html platform. When you bring more decision-makers into the picture, and grow in product or structure, you will need to provide more information about your services. It only makes sense that the most [read more]

Today in Marketing: Big Brands Use St. Patrick’s Day Themed Advertising We wanted to peruse the web to find and credit some great St. Patrick’s Day marketing tactics. These big brands used green and St. Patrick’s Day themed ideas to grab attention today. Walmart cleverly designed all of their images and icons for their products [read more]

Today there are hundreds if not thousands of social media platforms and applications that are trying to compete with the market. We cover certain types of businesses that should be using the most popular social media platforms below. Facebook: Facebook is a unique business marketing tool because it is both discoverable and branded. It takes [read more]