Taylored Thoughts

Websites today are now much more than just a static collection of pages for presenting information you deem to be important to your visitors. In order to be successful, a website today must be dynamic. It must be ever changing, continually updated and provide an opportunity for interaction with your visitors. That is certainly a [read more]

When handled properly, Internet marketing can provide your company with a tremendous amount of exposure and potential for growth. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to handle Internet marketing in order to achieve the most effective results. If you are not experienced with SEO marketing, it can feel as though you are spinning your wheels. In [read more]

If it seems as though your rankings have tanked recently, the culprit could be bad incoming links. Also referred to as backlinks, incoming links comprise one of the most significant ways in which Google determines how a website is ranked. At the most basic level, Google reviews the number of links that point to a [read more]